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An Angel's Demon. :iconthebendyfandum:TheBendyFandum 0 15
I n n o c e n c e (Bendy/Alice)
Dude, this is gonna make me cry so hard! This a gift for the following: :iconthereadbeast: :iconredgekkouga: :iconxxspacedorkxx: :iconjdiamond3: :icontatey88: :iconjulianxPvZ:
And better yet, I'm going to add a storyline! Basically, Bendy and Alice as childhood friends, adult lovers, and when Bendy dies before Alice (Yes, old age or murder.) he still visits Alice, even though as a ghost for once, telling her he will always be with her, even through death. Even at death for Alice, when she woke up, she found Bendy nuzzling her, in Heaven. Enjoy! ^^
                                   I N N O C E N C E
:Birth of Alice and Bendy-
-Timeskip 3 Years Later-
Alice runs out, looking around the world around her, laughing. Bendy smirks and runs after her, they run through the grass and after seagulls (Yes, in childhood they lik
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:iconredgekkouga: :iconthereadbeast: :iconjdiamond3: :icontatey88: :iconxxspacetacoxx: :iconjulianxpvz:
:iconredgekkouga: :iconthereadbeast: :icontatey88: :iconxxspacetacoxx: :iconjulianxpvz: :iconjdiamond3:

Okay, I've been wanted to do scary stories of creepypastas? Ex: Jeff the Killer, Slit mouth woman, etc. IDK, should I? I've been praticing my writing, and thats what I do in my free time. Should I? 

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Okay. Just something short.

Ok, so I might say a name that well, is a OC of mine I made. Her name is Esther. Shes the daughter of Bendy and Alice. She looks like Alice, but has the personality and bravery from her daddy.

BTW Red, if we actually do continue, this will NOT be the same Esther.


Alice watched Bendy leave to patrol. She noticed their daughter, Esther had woken up. Before she knew it, Esther was jumping up and down on her and Bendy's bed. ''Mommy! Mommy! Can we please go explore?'' She kept tugging on her sleeve and pulling on her horns. She recently just turned 5. At first, Alice didn't want to. She couldn't really think about anything hurting her. I mean, she's not a fighter! She couldn't protect her if anything bad happened to her! She looked at her daughter , ''Well.. I can't-'' ''Pwease??'' Esther looked up at her with her puppy-looking toon eyes. Great. The puppy dog eyes. ''Fine.'' she smiled and helped her up, then held her hand and showed her around the studio.

After a while, Esther had found the music room. She was trying out everything. But, she really liked the piano. Alice smiled. ''You know, your father was a great piano player back in the day..''. Esther smiled and continued to play. Alice just sat down and listened.

Just then, there was a footsteps approaching. Alice quickly grabbed Esther and started to run. Though, she ran straight into Henry, making her fall and dropping Esther. She quickly scooted away once she saw what was in his hand, a ax. She got on her feet.

''Well, hello Alice. Its been... quite a long time since I've seen you.'' Henry said, grinning. He then saw little Esther hiding behind her. ''I see you and that.. bastard of a demon made a kid I guess..''

''Shut up, Henry. If you came for Bendy, he's not here. I won't tell you where he is, exactly.'' Alice let out a small growl at him.

''Oh, don't worry little angel. I didn't come for him. Fought him enough. I came for you, and your little daughter there. But don't worry, it'll just take a second.'' He then swung the axe at her throat.

Esther screamed. ''WHY ARE YOU HURTING MOMMY?!''

Henry then stopped and looked at her. ''Isn't it obvious, girl? There doesn't need to be any other toons. At all.'' He was about to kill her, until Bendy leapt through the wall.

''YOU BITCH!'' He roared. He slashed him to the ground and pierced his shoulders with his claws and ripped them.

''ACK!'' He swung the ax at his face, knocking him off.

Bendy roared and held his eye. ''YOU WONT HURT THEM!'' He broke through the pain and was about to slash him dead, until he felt his throat and chest bleeding. He fell to the ground. Henry rose the ax. ''I finally won. Now, burn in hell.'' He was about to swing it, until Alice completely snapped. She became taller, her halo became bent, and her horns grew longer. She leapt over Bendy and slashed open Henry's neck. He roared in pain, then slashed her eye open.

She screamed in agony. Bendy just stared in shock. He felt his heart break. He wanted to strangle Henry so much for doing that, but he couldn't. She charged again, even with a blind eye was able to tackle him and pierce his guts. Henry just grabbed his stomach with one hand, then struck her again with the ax, this time slitting her mouth.

''AHH!'' She growled again. This time she grabbed the ax and snapped it in half with her strength. She grabbed his neck and shoved him down into the ink, her dress becoming really filthy with ink. She strangled him, then held his head down in the ink, drowning him. She knew he was still alive. She ripped him open with her now sharp claws, then backed away.

Bendy finally was able to get up. He ran over to her and grabbed her. ''ALICE!'' He started crying. ''Alice.. he gave her something to put over her eye to stop the bleeding. She then transformed to normal and collapsed in his arms. His eyes widened, but he felt a pulse. It was like, all of her injuries were gone. He took Esther and helped them both back.

He just stood at her side, letting Esther try to wake her. For a good few hours, she finally woke up. ''Ugh..''

''Alice!'' He hugged and kissed her. ''Are you okay??''

She hugged and kissed him back. ''Yeah.. just sore..''

Esther hugged her too. ''Mama, what just happened?!''

''Don't...know..'' She fell asleep again.


''Shh, it's okay. Mama's resting.'' He smiled at her. ''You should go to bed too.''

''But, daddy..''

''But nothing. Go on now.'' He smiled and nuzzled her, then kissed her cheek. He then tucked her in, then got in the bed with Alice, holding her close.

'Just what was that?'

'What... what did she just do?'

'She had another form?'

'I can't.. let her out of my sight anymore.. Anything could happen..'

He thought to himself, then started falling asleep after making sure everything was locked.


I tried to make her normal form what it should be in my opinion. First time (I think) making a Ink Alice story!

And yes, I tried to give her those injuries that we see her with. No, I'm not saying she got it from the ax, but you never know. Just my little perspective.

Henry + Alice + Bendy= theMeatly

Esther: OC of mine.
An Angel's Demon.
Finally, one story at least!

I don't remember if this is my first time making a Ink Alice ''tribute'' or ''story.'' but I tried! :D

Should I do a Draw my Life? 

Or... “Write” my life? XD

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